Our History

Since 1927

In 1927, young Herb Gruskin approached his boss for a raise. He was going to be married, he explained, and needed an extra $5.00 a week.

His boss shook his head. "I'm sorry, Herbie," he replied. "I'm already paying you $15.00 a week. I just can't afford any more."

Herb talked the situation over with his fiancée, Marcey Wisun, who was working as a bookkeeper. She encouraged him to leave his job and start his own company.

Herb took her advice. His leather business, The American Kid Company, Inc., was a great success, and the young couple prospered. They had two daughters. When both girls eventually married and moved to California, the Gruskins retired and followed.

Although they enjoyed California and the company of their six grandchildren, retirement didn't sit well with the Gruskins. "I miss the feel of leather under my fingers," Herb said to Marcey. One day, coming out of a cinema into the bright California sunshine, Herb knew what he was going to do. He burst inside his house, feeling like a young man again. "Marcey!" he exclaimed. "We're back in business! We are going to start a new company-Cinema Leathers!"

Herb Gruskin never retired again. Today, Cinema Leathers remains a family business. His grandson, Steven Winkler, is now the President. Together with Arline Winkler, Herb's daughter, they continue to expand and improve Cinema Leathers, Inc.